Cordyceps articles

Daniel Winkler's Ophiocordyceps sinensis articles: 
Latest: 2011 – The Year Cordyceps Mushroomed in the Media Landscape but did not thrive in Tibet. Fungi vol: 5.3, 34-39  download
Caterpillar Fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) Production and Sustainability on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas.
                                       Asian Medicine 5 (2009) p.291–316. (fake date, published Mai 2011) - Download 
Cordyceps sinensis and the Fungal Commodification of the Rural Economy in Tibet - Download
                                       So far my most detailed research article on the Caterpillar fungus phenomenon
The Mushrooming Fungi Market in Tibet exemplified by Cordyceps sinensis and Tricholoma matsutake. Download
Cordyceps sinensis - A Precious Parasitic Fungus Infecting Tibet. In: Field Mycology 2010 vol.11.2: 60-67." Download
Infested by the Caterpillar Fungus A once in a lifetime Tibetan experience. 2006. link
Cordyceps Radio interview with National Geographic Weekend  MP3 audio file
TibetInfoNet interview: on the Cordyceps trade in Tibet, Aug. 2008
Detailed Paper: Yartsa Gunbu - Cordyceps sinensis. Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of a Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau, 2005.
Other sources:
Environment News Service on violent clashes over collection fee in Dzato
"Leng", a great fungal fiction on Cordyceps in Tibet by Marc Laidlaw who traveled on a MushRoaming tour.

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