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October 2018

Photo gallery Colombia 2017

March 2018

Bolivian Amazon Fungi - Best of the Day

Amazon Fungi - The Late Night Show

September 2017

Bio-luminescent Mushroom photos from Japan

April 2016

Photo gallery Mushroaming Colombia 2016

February 2016

Appalachian Cordyceps 

January 2016

Appalchian mushrooms

Morel & Cordyceps tour images 2015

September 2015

Cordyceps found in Colombia 2015 - blog entry

lots of stuff added, but listed here.....

August 2013

Truffle hunt with Animal & August, the Lagoto in search of Oregon Black truffle

June 2013

Uploaded a 20+ photo report from my four fire morel hunts around Table Mountain, Washington

May 2013

New Cordyceps blog pages on the Cordyceps species I found in Bolivia during the 2013 Mushroaming trip this February in Colombia.

May 2013

New gallery of Alaskan Mushroom Festival pictures from 2011

March 2013

Added a new photo gallery page of a 108 images with subtitles from MushRoaming Bolivia in 2013.

Febuary  2013

Added an interview I gave on Cordyceps in China for China Daily, the government English language newspaper.

Made a MushRoaming blog page on Valle de la Luna, La Paz, Bolivia

December 2012
November  2012

My review of the National Geographic article on Cordyceps

Added a photo gallery page of more than 100 images with subtitles from MushRoaming Bolivia in 2012

October 2012

Uploaded a new review from the Bolivia Mushroaming trip in early 2012 

Blog entry on Cordyceps and distance running world records in 1993/94

September 2012

Added a dozen images from the 2012 Bolivian Amazon MushRoaming tour to the 2013 Bolivia tour announcement

Created Eagle Mushroom Festival page with species list from the 2012 festival

Added a photo gallery with my favorite mushroom shots

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