Reports on Daniel's Research and Work in the Media

In Print

Seattle Times Article The fungus from ‘The Last of Us’ does live in WA — but it’s rare. March 10, 2023

- Washington Post, July 2, 2016:  by Simon Denyer 

New York Times, June 27, 2016:  by Kai Schultz

-  The Economist, Dec. 2015Caterpillar fungus -The emperor’s mighty brother, Demand for an aphrodisiac has brought unprecedented wealth to rural Tibet - and trouble in its wake. James Mile

National Geographic Magazine, Aug. 2012Tibetan Gold - A medicinal fungus highly prized in China is fueling a boom on the Tibetan Plateau. 
Michael Finke  read 
my review of this article.


China Daily published an Interview with me on caterpillar fungus in the Tibetan areas on Dec.17, 2012. The interview is posted on my Cordyceps blog.

National Geographic Daily News, April 27, 2011: Caterpillar Fungus Making Tibetan Herders Rich- Profitable medicinal fungus a cash cow in rural communities. John Roach, - link

Seattle Times Article on the 2012 PSMS Mushroom Show 

- The Guardian article from June 17, 2010: Fungus gold rush in Tibetan plateau rebuilding lives after earthquake -Growing dependence on the profitable trade in 'Himalayan Viagra' has led to violent clashes.


- In the German edition of Financial Times Germany an article by Ruth Fendh looking into the economic site of Yartsa gunbu, mostly based on my research: Wertvoller Raupenpilz: Pilze für ein Vermögen - Einmal im Jahr verfällt die Himalaja-Region in einen Rausch. Tausende Bewohner ziehen aus, um ihr Einkommen aufzubessern. Mit dem Sammeln kostbarer Pilze. link

On the Air

- BBC World Service's Newshour July 27, 2017: Interview on Caterpillar fungus in general and the impact of climate change. Interview Cordyceps Daniel Winkler 19 min 10sec.

- Seattle's NPR station KUOW had in late October a radio feature produced by Ann Dornfeld on PNW mushroom hunting that features PSMS' "Fat of the Land"-Langdon Cook and me (October 2017)

- Seattle's NPR station KUOW interview during a spring mushroom hunt (May 18, 2023).

- "Explore Washington State", its host Scott Cowan loved talking about our favorite music, the Grateful Dead, while I wanted to talk mushrooms ;o}. (Feb.10, 2013)

- Interview on mushroom hunting in the PNW by Anthony Alvarado for "Find the Others" aired by Portland's XRAY station (starting at 9:40). I was a bit breathless in the beginning, I had totally forgotten the appointment and just had came home when the phone rang for the live interview. 


In Film

- "Living in Extremes" 2003 - KEO 4 installment TV series on living in extreme environment presented by Nick Middelton. Participated presenting living in high altitude conditions in Tibet.

- Netflix "Our Planet" broadcasted in 2019, narrated by David Attenborough. I contributed as a scientific adviser for the section on Cordyceps. For 3 weeks in 2017, I collected Cordyceps specimens in the Bolivian Amazon with colleague Tatiana Sanjuan (we found 41 different species!). A few of them contributed 90 seconds to the "Jungle" episode.


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