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Stunning Mushroom Photo Calendar

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2024 Best of Mushroaming 
(Tabloid size 16.5' x 11.5'  in /  42 x 30 cm )

13 spiral-bound pages: Cover page and 12 specifically themed months including scientific names
An additional list of all scientific & common names as well as localities where all species were encountered is printed on the back side of cover page.
Note, the calendar contains no watermarks.

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Technical calendar section on bottom of each page is kept at a minimum so it can be enjoyed in many more years beyond 2024.

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WA residents 28.60 incl taxes. For International buyers extra mailing cost have been added to sales price in paypal.

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Calendar is still in production  -  Samples of the 2020 calendar


Names and Locations of all Depicted Mushrooms
All Images © Daniel Winkler -


Cover Page

Cookeina speciosa – Tropical Goblet, Madidi NP, Bolivia

Gerronema sp.- Gerronema,  Madidi NP, Bolivia

Mycena chlorophos – “Bioluminescent” Bonnet, Hachijo Jima, Japan

Pseudohydnum cf gelatinosum - Cat’s Tongue, Sipaliwini, Suriname

January - Cups

Caloscypha fulgens - Dazzling cup, Mt Rainier WA - USA

Sarcoscypha coccinea - Scarlet Elf Cup, CA - USA

Aleuria aurantia – Orange Peel Fungus, Kirkland WA - USA

February - Boletes

Aureoboletus mirabilis - Admirable Bolete, AK - USA

Suillus cavipes – Hollow Stalked Larch Bolete, NW Yunnan - China

Xerocomellus atropurpureus – “Dark-purple” Bolete, San Leonardo CA

March - Stinkhorns

Phallus indusiatus – Crossdressing Stinkhorn, Madidi NP, Bolivia

Phallus campanulatus – Bellcap Stinkhorn, Madidi NP, Bolivia

Pseudocolus fusiformis – Stinky Squid, UW Seattle WA - USA

Aseroë rubra - Starfish Stinkhorn, Kauai HI - USA

April – Slime molds

Tubifera ferruginosa – Red Raspberry Slime Mold, Roberts Creek, BC

Hemitrichia serpula - Pretzel slime, Sipaliwini, Suriname

Ceratiomyxa sphaerosperma – a Coral Slime, Letitia, Colombia

Arcyria denudata – Cotton Candy Slime Mold, Madidi NP, Bolivia

May – Morels

Morchella tomentosa – Fuzzyfoot or Gray Morel. Mt Rainier WA - USA

Morchella eximia gr. - Fire morel, Mt Rainier WA - USA

Morchella spp. - fire morel basket, Mt Rainier WA - USA

Morchella eximia? - Gray fire morel, Marble Mount, WA - USA

June – Suriname

Tetrapyrgos nigripes – Blackfoot parachute, Sipaliwini, Suriname

Phillipsia lutea - Yellow Elf Cup, Sipaliwini, Suriname

Marasmius sp. - Orange Pinwheel, Sipaliwini, Suriname

Phillipsia domingensis - Mauve Elf Cup, Sipaliwini, Suriname

July – Cordyceps

Nigelia martiale on Scarab beetle, Madidi NP, Bolivia

Ophiocordyceps humbertii on wasp, Madidi NP, Bolivia

Ophiocordyceps curculionum group on weevil, Napo, Ecuador

Ophiocordyceps llyodii anamorph on ant, Rio Claro, Antioquia, Colombia

August – King Boletes

Boletus edulis - King Bolete, Cascades WA - USA

Boletus regineus – Queen Bolete, King County, WA - USA

Boletus reticuloceps – Netcap King bolete, Ura, Bumthang, Bhutan

Boletus rubriceps – Rocky Mountain Red-cap King Bolete, Woods Lake CO - USA

September – Amanita

Amanita augusta - Yellow-veiled Amanita, Mendocino CA - USA

Amanita muscaria subsp. flavivolvata – Western Fly Agaric, Mendocino CA - USA

Amanita hemibapha – Himalayan Caesar, Thimphu, Bhutan

October - Chanterelles

Cantharellus formosus – Golden Chanterelle, Breitenbush, OR - USA

Cantharellus roseocanus – Rainbow Chanterelle, Snoqualmie Pass WA - USA

Polyozellus atrolazulinus – Dark Blue Chanterelle, Eagle, CO - USA

November - Corals

Ramaria araiospora var. araiospora - Red Coral, Medocino CA – USA

Artomyces pyxidatus – Crown Coral, Draksum Tso, Tibet

Ramaria asiatica – Asian coral, Genekha, Bhutan

Ramaria flava – Yellow Coral “Manita”, Iguaque, Colombia

December – Medicinal Fungi

Psilocybe cyanescens – Wavy Caps, Seattle WA - USA

Ganoderma oregonense – Oregon Lacquer Conk/ Reishi, Mt. Rainier WA - USA

Trametes versicolor – Turkey Tail, Girdwood AK - USA

Hericium abietis – Bear’s Head, Sicamous BC, Canada




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