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2024 Best of Mushroaming 
(Tabloid size 16.5' x 11.5'  in /  42 x 30 cm )

13 spiral-bound pages: Cover page and 12 specifically themed months including scientific names
An additional list of all scientific & common names as well as localities where all species were encountered is printed on the back side of cover page.
Note, the calendar contains no watermarks.

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Technical calendar section on bottom of each page is kept at a minimum so it can be enjoyed in many more years beyond 2024.


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WOW!!! Just opened your amazing calendar! 
It is way beyond my expectations and I am in love with these gorgeous photos and the
quality of the printing!!!      Kind of speachless here.   Cynthia B, Kirkland WA

                        Content 2024 Calendar

Cover Page

Badhamia sp. - Slime mold, Kirkland WA

Entocybe nitida - Shining Pinkgill, Dingford Creek WA

Gomphus clavatus – Pig’s Ear, Florence OR

Morchella tomentosa - Gary Morel, Snyder Springs WA

Microstoma floccosum - Shaggy Rose Goblet, Hamilton Forest MI

Mucronella pulchra – Golden Spineswarm, Bellingham WA


January - Chanterelle Enchantment

Cantharellus formosus – Chanterelle basket, Monroe WA

Craterellus lutescens – Yellow Foot, St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria

Craterellus calicornucopioides – Black Trumpet, Mendocino CA

Cantharellus formosus – Pacific Chanterelle, Darrington WA


February - Slime Molds

Arcyria ferruginea, Bridle Trails State Park (BTSP), Kirkland WA

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa - Coral slime mold,  Kirkland WA

Hemitrichia calyculata, Push Pin Slime Mold, Chauna, Colombia

Lamproderma sp., Mount Shasta, CA

Physarum album, Chicaque, Colombia

Stemonitis sp. – Chocolate Tube Slime, BTSP Kirkland WA

Trichia varia, Metchosin BC, Canada

Tubifera ferruginosa - Red Raspberry Slime Mold, Table Bluff WI


March - Russulales Diversity

Artomyces pyxidatus - Crown Coral, Table Bluff WI

Auriscalpium vulgare - Earpick Fungus, BTSP Kirkland WA

Hericium abietae - Conifer Bear’s Head, Snoqualmie Pass WA

Lentinellus montanus - Mountain Cockleshell, Mt Shasta CA

Russula americana – American Brittlegill, Easton WA

Scutiger pes-caprae - Goat’s Foot polypore, Mt Hood OR


April - Mycena Bonnets

Mycena leaiana – Lea’s Mycena, Hamilton Forest, Decatur WI

Mycena strobilinoidea - Flame Bonnet, Mt Adams WA 

Mycena haematopus – Bleeding Fairy Helmet, Sultan WA

Mycena holoporphyra, El Cedro, Putumayo, Colombia

Cruentomycena sp. – Ruby Bonnet, Genekha, Bhutan


May - Puffballs & Bird’s Nests Fungi

Calvatia gigantea – Giant Puffball, Fairlie, New Zealand

Calvatia cyathiformis - Purple-spored puffball, Casanare, Colombia

Geastrum sp. – Earth Star, Rio Claro, Antioquia, Colombia

Lycoperdon perlatum - young Gem-studded Puffball, St. Johann in Tyrol

Nidula candida - Jellied Bird's-Nest Fungus, Dingford WA


June - Coral and Cauliflower

Clavulina cinerea – Ash Coral, Anacortes WA

Ramaria apiculata - Green-tipped Coral, Telluride CO

Ramaria araiospora var. rubella - Red Coral, Florence OR

Ramaria rasilispora – Spring Coral, Rock Creek WA

Sparassis radicata - Western Cauliflower Mushroom, Kirkland WA


July - Mushroom Medley

Coprinellus micaceus – Mica Inkcap, BTSP Kirkland WA

Coprinus comatus – Shaggy Mane, Juanita, Kirkland WA

Coprinopsis lagopus – Hare’s Foot Inkcap, Sherridan OR

Marasmius rotula - Pinwheel Mushroom, Pictured Rocks MI

Pholiota aurivella – Golden Scalycap, Snohomish WA

Rickenella fibula – Orange Mosscap, Juanita, Kirkland WA


August - Bodacious Boletes

Aureoboletus mirabilis - Admirable Bolete, Breitenbush OR

Aureoboletus thibetanus – Tibetan Bolete, Taktsang, Bhutan

Boletus edulis – King Bolete, Cascade Mountains WA

Boletus rubriceps  - Rocky Mountain King, Telluride CO

Xerocomellus atropurpureus – Deep Purple Bolete, Sicamous BC


September - Ascomycetes

Hymenoscyphus virgultorum, Stampede Pass WA

Hypomyces rosellus on Ceriporus varius, Rose Hypomyces, Mt. Rainier WA

Lachnum virgineum - Stalked hairy fairy cup, BTSP Kirkland WA

Mitrula elegans - Bog Beacon, Bandera WA

Ophiocordyceps myrmecophila – Ant Feasting Fungus, Whidbey Island WA

Pyronema omphalodes, Snyder Springs WA

Sarcoscypha occidentalis - Stalked scarlet Elfcup, Hamilton Forest MI

Spinellus fusiger - Bonnet mold, Zygomycota, Square Lake WA


October - Jolly Jellies

Auricularia americana – Conifer Woodear, Blewett Pass WA

Dacrymyces chrysospermus – Conifer Witches’ Butter, Port Gamble WA

Guepinia helvelloides – Apricot Jelly, Mt. Rainier WA

Guepinia sp. – an Apricot Jelly, Isla Escondida, Putumayo, Colombia

Heterotextus luteus – Poor Man’s Gumdrop, BTSP Kirkland WA

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum – Cat’s Tongue, Alsea OR


November - Tooth Fungi

Hydnellum peckii – Bleeding Tooth (top), Breitenbush OR

Hydnellum peckii – Bleeding Tooth (teeth), Ura, Bumthang, Bhutan

Hydnellum caeruleum – Blue Tooth, Ráquira, Boyacá, Colombia

Hydnum oregonense – Western Bellybutton, Port Gamble WA

Hydnum ‘repandum’ – Spreading Hedgehog, Chele La Pass, Paro, Bhutan

Sarcodon imbricatus – Hawk’s Wing, Silverton CO

Steccherinum ochraceum –Spreading Tooth Crust, Juanita, Kirkland WA


December - Medicinal Mushrooms

Cordyceps militaris – Trooping Caterpillar Fungus, Harriet AK

Ganoderma oregonense – Oregon Reishi, Victoria BC

Psilocybe cyanescens – Wavy Cap, Discovery Park, Seattle WA

Psilocybe cubensis – Magic Mushroom, Casanare, Colombia

Trametes versicolor – Turkey Tail, Green River WA

Names and Locations of all Depicted Mushrooms
All Images © Daniel Winkler -






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