During all my journeys I used to take hundreds of slides with my Nikon SLR, now I am using a Nikon D850 and D7200, succeeding my D5000 and D80. The D850 allowed me to do photo stacking, which produces incredible sharp images of especially tiny subjects, see some examples on my Suriname Gallery.  A selection of my photos can be found in many of the trip reports on my homepage and on Tibet specifically in the photo essay section. The photos before 2006 have been scanned slides.
I enjoy greatly sharing my photos, information and anecdotes from my trips and tours (read reviews). My interest are diverse and as a trained geographer and ecologist I like to bring in all kinds of aspects and do not limit myself narrowly to the title subject. Many years ago a neighbor who came along for a talk said "Daniel, that was so entertaining and packed with information, like listening to NPR", I felt flattered, but I think he was not a regular NPR listener. More recently I thought the label "edutainment" is pretty fitting, since I share lots of scientific information presented in an entertaining way with plenty of funny moments.
                      Mushrooms and Beyond
Choice Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest - see PNW edible mushroom webpage 

Choice Edible Mushrooms of the West Coast
Unusual Edible Mushrooms of the PNW & Beyond
Medicinal Mushrooms - How to collect, process & use them - see my field guide
Best of Mushroaming - An intoxicating blend of precious mushrooms
Tibet's Most Marvelous Mushrooms - See a dozen pages with Tibet content on the webpages
Tales of Tibet's Fungal Miracle Ophiocordyceps sinensis - Caterpillar Fungus
                         Cordyceps summary paper (not the actual presentation)
Mountains, Monasteries & Mushrooms - Tibet's globally unique Mushroom Economy  
Amazing Amazon Mushrooms - link to Amazing Amazon Fungi
Colombia's Mushroom Magic - link to subtitled photo galleries: 2014 2015
Stunning Suriname - link to subtitled photo galleries: 2014 2015
Flavorful, Fancy & Foul Fungi - From Far Flung Places Around The World   Summary
From the Alps to the Amazon via Tibet
Bhutan's Buddha Mushroom and Other Fungi in the Land of the Thunderdragon  Bhutan 2018 Gallery Bhutan page
Mushroom Festivals out West - from Alaska to California and from Oregon to Colorado
Stunning Stinkhorns 


And before fungi took over my life 10 to 20 years ago, I was specialized on environmental issues in Tibet

My 90 min shows on Tibet include sections on Tibetan life (monasteries, Buddhism, culture, architecture, etc.), rural livelihood and survival strategies (nomadism, agriculture, medicinal plants, mushrooms), and the environment (vegetation, climate, geography, medicinal and other wild flowers, forests, wildlife and hot springs). In addition I am documenting modernization taking place and talk about project work I am currently involved in. Often I select a certain cultural or political area (i.e. West Sichuan, Gyarong, Dechen, Kham, Amdo, Changtang, Lithang, Lhasa, Kongpo etc.) or just the best slides of the most recent trips. Also, I offer presentations with a specific focus on certain subjects such as mushrooms, mushroom markets, wild flowers, forests, architecture, hot springs etc. Of course, even with a narrowly focused main subject I will integrate it in a wider framework. I guess that comes with being a trained geographer....
Natural Treasures of Tibet   - Summary
Wild Flowers & Tales from East Tibet 
Alpine Plants, Flowering Plants of Tibet, Medicinal Plants etc.
Forests & Forestry in Tibet
Hot Springs and Sacred Wells in Tibet
Wildlife and Conservation
Tibetan Farmhouses, Fortresses and Monasteries
Nomads and Farmers
Tibet: Environmental Crisis on the Roof of the World?
                        Regional Focus
Bhutan - The Land of the Thunderdragon
Kongpo - Nyingchi: Tibet's Himalaya
Central Tibet: Lhasa, Tsetang and Shigatse
Kham - Eastern Tibet: Treasure House of Cultural and Natural Diversity
Litang & Derge - Tibetan strongholds in Ganzi Prefecture, West Sichuan
Arunachal Pradesh: Land of the Rising Sun - India's Last Frontier
Silk Road: Xinjiang & Pakistan's Hunza
Nepal & Sikkim
If you want me to give a presentation, please contact me.                         
 Daniel's short fungal biography:
Daniel is the author of field guides to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest and California (both Harbour Publishing, 2011 and 2012), Amazon Mushrooms (2014, co-authored) and Medicinal Mushrooms of North America (2018 w. Robert Rogers). He grew up collecting and eating wild mushrooms in the Alps and has been foraging since over 20 years in the PNW and beyond, sharing his enthusiasm as a mushroom educator, guide and former PSMS vice-president. In his presentations he is combining his stunning photography with an often funny blend of entertaining stories and scientific information; he likes to refer to as "edutainment". Having been in love with mushrooms since early childhood Daniel managed to bend his career as an ecologist and geographer focused on High Asia towards researching mushrooms and rural income in Tibet. His Cordyceps research has been featured in The Economist, National Geographic, NYT, WSJ, NPR, BBC etc. In the last decade Daniel started exploring neotropical fungi maturing into edible mushroom project work in Suriname with Amazon Conservation Team. With his travel agency MushRoaming Daniel is organizing mushroom focused eco adventures to Tibet, China, the Amazon, Colombia, the Austrian Alps and the Pacific Northwest since 2007. [].
Download high res image of Daniel 


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