Fruits of the Forest - Edible Mushrooms of the PNW

Fruits of the Forest
A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms


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Below I am sharing a few sample pages, starting with the cover

Download 2 page graphic index pdf to print out.
Index contains page numbers and more criteria for the mushroom drawings in the inside cover.
(incomprehensibly, publisher decided that such an index was superfluous)

Some first feedback I received:

Your book is the one I wish I had 48 years ago when I moved to Oregon (and ever since). It will make a wonderful gift for all my favorite mushroom hunting friends!
David Pilz, Corvallis OR, mycologist


The book fills a huge hole in the available information about our edible fungal abundance!  It answers all my questions. 
Chuck N., Bow WA, mushroom hunter for half a century


Fruits of the Forest is a must read for mushroom foragers everywhere! Although the information is based on foraging in the Pacific Northwest the information is invaluable for mushroomers everywhere. This should be on every foragers shelf!
Gina Reinhard, Aumsville OR, seasoned mushroom huntress

Daniel, you (and a team of 100) did a truly wonderful job! Of course, wonderful images (I’d expect nothing less from you), and the wealth of cultural info is very enticing too. It is going to rival Arora’s "Mushroom's Demystefied". It shares the joy of mushroom hunting, collecting, eating, poisoning … and just appreciating them! As well as a culture piece, and cookbook on top! 
Joanne Schwartz, Tustin CA,  Fungal Diversity Survey Board, Macrofungi of the Channel Islands

Fantastic book! The production is excellent and I love everything about it!
Robert Rogers, Edmonton AB, Author of Fungal Pharmacy


Table of Content - I was pushing for much more detail, but apparently I am not in synch with the publishing Zeitgeist.
However, check the detailed list of all the main entries at the end of this webpage......

Starting out with the


And another intro to foraging


Before the morel section a photo showing the differences in morels (Morchella), Spring morels (Verpa) and False morels / Brain mushrooms (Gyromitra)


Sample for a mushroom presentation: Gyromitra esculenta






Winter chanterelles or Yellow feet - Craterellus tubaeformis


Candy caps - Lactarius rubidus


Sweetbread mushroom - Clitopilus prunulus group



Below two entries

from the recipe section



My working list of mushrooms treated in the book.
Note there are also poisonous species included, so inclusion here does not mean edibility

  Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest    
Scientific Name Common Name    
Ascomycetes incl. Morels & truffles    
Morchella americana American blonde morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella prava Contorted blonde morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella snyderi Snyder's morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella brunnea Brown morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella tridentina Mountain Blond Morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella eximia Exceptional Fire morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella exuberans Luxuriant Fire morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella sextelata Sexy Fire morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella tomentosa  Gray Fire morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella importuna Laddered Landscape Morel Morchellaceae Pezizales
Morchella rufobrunnea  Blushing Morel  Morchellaceae Pezizales
Verpa bohemica Wrinkled Thimble cap Morchellaceae Pezizales
Gyromitra esculenta Brain mushroom / False morel Discinaceae Pezizales
Gyromitra montana Snowbank Brain Mushroom Discinaceae Pezizales
Gyromitra ancilis Thick cup Discinaceae Pezizales
Disciotis venosa  Bleach Cup  Morchellaceae Pezizales
Helvella vespertina Western Elfin Saddle Helvellaceae Pezizales
Aleuria aurantia   Orange Peel fungus Pyronemataceae Pezizales
Sarcoscypha coccinea  Scarlet cup Sarcoscyphaceae Pezizales
Tuber gibbosum / oregonense Oregon white truffle Tuberaceae Pezizales
Leucangium carthusianum Oregon black truffle Morchellaceae Pezizales
Hypomyces lactifluorum on Russula brevipes Lobster Mushroom Hypocreaceae Hypocreales
Basidiomycetes (all fungi below) Non-gilled    
Jelly Fungi      
Auricularia americana Wood ear Auriculariaceae Auriculariales
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum Cat's tongue Auriculariaceae Auriculariales
Tremella mesenterica Orange Witches' butter Tremellaceae Tremellales
Naematelia aurantia  Yellow Witches' butter Tremellaceae Tremellales
Dacrymyces chrysospermus  Coniferous Witches’ butter  Dacrymycetaceae Dacrymycetales
Guepinia helvelloides Apricot Jelly fungus "Exidiaceae" Auriculariales
Chanterelles & Tooth Fungi & Allies      
Cantharellus formosus Pacific Golden chanterelle Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Cantharellus cascadensis Cascade Chanterelle Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Cantharellus roseocanus Rainbow Chanterelle Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Golden Chanterelle Look-alikes:     
Chrysomphalina chrysophylla Golden Navel (UK) Hygrophoraceae Agaricales
Cantharocybe gruberi  Chantycap Hygrophoraceae Agaricales
Omphalotus olivascens Western Jack-o’-Lantern Omphalotaceae  Agaricales
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca False chanterelle Hygrophoropsidaceae Boletales
Cantharellus subalbidus White chanterelle Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Craterellus "tubaeformis" Winter chanterelle Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Craterellus calicornucopioides Black Trumpet Cantharellaceae Cantharellales
Gomphus clavatus Pig’s ear Gomphaceae Gomphales
Turbinellus floccosus Woolly Vase Gomphaceae Gomphales
Polyozellus atrolazulinus  Blue Chanterelle Thelephoraceae Thelephorales
Toothed Fungi      
Hydnum oregonense Oregon hedgehog Hydnaceae Cantharellales
Hydnum melitosarx Honey Hedgehog Hydnaceae Cantharellales
Hydnum washingtonianum / olympicum Western Wood / Olympic Hedgehog Hydnaceae Cantharellales
Sarcodon imbricatus Hawk's wing Bankeraceae Thelephorales
Hericium abietis Conifer Bear’s Head  Hericiaceae Russulales
Hericium coralloides Coral Tooth Hericiaceae Russulales
Hericium erinaceus Lion's mane Hericiaceae Russulales
Hericium americanum American Tooth  Hericiaceae Russulales
Boletus edulis King Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Boletus edulis var. grandedulis California King Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Boletus regineus Queen Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Boletus barrowsii White king Boletaceae Boletales
Boletus rex-veris Spring king Boletaceae Boletales
Boletus fibrillosus Fiber king Boletaceae Boletales
Aureoboletus mirabils Admirable Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Pulchroboletus smithii Smith's Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Butyriboletus autumniregius Rosy Autumn Butter Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Butyriboletus abieticola Mountain Butter Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Xerocomellus atropurpureus Deep Purple bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Xerocomellus zelleri Zeller's bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Xerocomellus diffractus Red-cracking Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Chalciporus piperatus Peppery bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Leccinum scabrum Birch Scaberstalk Boletaceae Boletales
Leccinum insigne Aspen Scaberstalk Boletaceae Boletales
Leccinum "aurantiacum" discolor Red Capped Scaberstalk Boletaceae Boletales
Leccinum manzanitae Manzanita Scaberstalk Boletaceae Boletales
Non edible boletes      
Caloboletus conifericola Conifer Bitter bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Caloboletus rubripes Red-stemmed Bitter bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Rubroboletus pulcherrimus Red-pored Bolete Boletaceae Boletales
Suillus luteus Purple-veiled Slippery Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus brevipes gr. Short Slippery Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus caerulescens Fat Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus lakei Matte Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus clintonianus Tamarack Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus ampliporus Hollow-stem Tamarack Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus elbensis Gray Larch Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Suillus acidus Olive Jack Suillaceae Boletales
Stalked Polypores and Allies      
Albatrellus ovinus Sheep polypore Albatrellaceae Russulales
Albatrellus avellaneus Hazel Sheep polypore Albatrellaceae Russulales
Scutiger pes-caprae Goat’s Foot Albatrellaceae Russulales
Scutiger ellisii Greening Goat’s Foot Albatrellaceae Russulales
Albatrellopsis flettii Blue-capped polypore Albatrellaceae Russulales
Boletopsis grisea Kurotake Bankeraceae Thelephorales
Laetiporus conifericola Chicken of the woods Fomitopsidaceae Polyporales
Sparassis radicata Cauliflower Mushroom  Sparassidaceae Polyporales
Trametes versicolor Turkey tail Polyporaceae Polyporales
Fistulina hepatica Beefsteak Mushroom Fistulinaceae Agaricales
Schizophyllum commune Split Gill,  Fistulinaceae Agaricales
Puffballs / Gasteroid mushrooms    
Calvatia booniana  Western Giant Puffball Agaricaceae Agaricales
Calvatia sculpta  Sierran Puffball Agaricaceae Agaricales
Lycoperdon perlatum Gem Puffball Agaricaceae Agaricales
Lycoperdon umbrinum Shadow Puffball Agaricaceae Agaricales
Apioperdon pyriforme Pear Puffball Agaricaceae Agaricales
Phallus impudicus / hadriani Stinkhorn Phallaceae Phallales
Corals & Clubs      
Ramaria rasilispora   Spring Coral  Gomphaceae Gomphales
Ramaria botrytis  Pink-tipped Coral Gomphaceae Gomphales
Clavulina coralloides White Coral Fungus Clavulinaceae Cantharellales
Clavulina cinerea Ash Coral Fungus Clavulinaceae Cantharellales
Artomyces piperatus Peppery crown coral Auriscalpiaceae Russulales
Clavariadelphus truncatus Sweet tooth / Club Coral Clavariadelphaceae Gomphales
Alloclavaria purpurea Purple Fairy Club Rickenellaceae Hymenochaetales
Gilled Mushrooms with pale spores    
Milky caps & Brittlegills      
Russula xerampelina Shrimp Brittlegill Russulaceae Russulales
Russula brevipes group Short-stemmed Brittlegill Russulaceae Russulales
Russula aeruginea Green Brittlegill Russulaceae Russulales
Lactarius deliciosus / aestivus Saffron milkcap Russulaceae Russulales
Lactarius rubrilacteus Red-bleeding Milkcap Russulaceae Russulales
Lactarius rubidus  Candy cap Russulaceae Russulales
Lactarius fallax Velvety Mikcap Russulaceae Russulales
White spored - Amanita      
Amanita pachycolea  Western Grisettes Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita constricta Constricted Grisette Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita vaginata gr Grisette Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita velosa Spring Amanita Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita augusta Western Yellow-Veil Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita calyptroderma  Coccora Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita novinupta  Blushing Bride Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita muscaria Fly agaric Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita pantherinoides Western Brown Panther Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita "gemmata" Western Yellow Panther Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita phalloides Death Cap Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita smithiana Smith's Amanita Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita silvicola Woodland Amanita Amanitaceae  Agaricales
Amanita ocreata Western destroying angel  Amanitaceae  Agaricales
White spored Parasols et al. saprobic, with ring    
Chlorophyllum brunneum Shaggy Brown Parasol Agaricaceae Agaricales
Chlorophyllum rachodes Shaggy White Parasol Agaricaceae Agaricales
Chlorophyllum olivieri  Shaggy Gray Parasol Agaricaceae Agaricales
Chlorophyllum molybdites  Green-spored Shaggy Parasol Agaricaceae Agaricales
Lepiota subincarnata Fatal Dapperling Agaricaceae Agaricales
Leucoagaricus leucothites Smooth Dapperling Agaricaceae Agaricales
Phaeolepiota aurea Alaska Gold Squamanitaceae  Agaricales
Floccularia albolanaripes   White-woolled Shaggy Stem Squamanitaceae  Agaricales
White spored - Tricholoma and allies    
Tricholoma murrillianum Western Matsutake Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma dulciolens False Matsutake Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma focale Veiled orange Knight Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma equestre gr. Man on horse back Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma portentosum Streaked Knight Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma ammophilum Cottonwood Mushroom Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Tricholoma pardinum Leopard Knight Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Catathelasma evanescens Vanishing Cat Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Catathelasma ventricosum Swollen-stalked Cat Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Lyophyllum decastes Fried Chicken mushroom Lyophyllaceae Agaricales
Hygrophorus subalpinus  Subalpine Woodwax Hygrophoraceae Agaricales
Hygrophorus speciosus Special Woodwax Hygrophoraceae Agaricales
Laccaria laccata Common Deceiver Hydnangiaceae Agaricales
Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis  Western Purple Deceiver Hydnangiaceae Agaricales
Funnelcaps et al. White spored saprobic, no ring    
Clitocybe nuda Wood Blewit Tricholomataceae  Agaricales
Clitocybe odora Aniseed Funnelcap Tricholomataceae  Agaricales
Clitocybe nebularis Cloudy Funnel Tricholomataceae  Agaricales
Clitocybe albirhiza White-stranded Funnelcap Tricholomataceae  Agaricales
Clitocybe rivulosa Fool's Funnel Tricholomataceae  Agaricales
Marasmius oreades Fairy ring mushroom Omphalotaceae  Agaricales
Marasmius plicatulus Red Velvet Pinwheel  Omphalotaceae  Agaricales
Mycetinis salalis Salal Vampire Bane Omphalotaceae  Agaricales
Oysters & Other wood decayers - white spored with exceptions    
Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster mushroom Pleurotaceae Agaricales
Pleurotus pulmonarius Pale Oyster Pleurotaceae Agaricales
Pleurotus populinus Aspen Oyster Pleurotaceae Agaricales
Pleurotus dryinus Veiled Oyster Pleurotaceae Agaricales
Hohenbuehelia petaloides  Shoehorn Oyster Pleurotaceae Agaricales
Hypsizygus tesselatus Elm Oyster Lyophyllaceae Agaricales
Pleurocybella porrigens Angel Wings  Omphalotaceae  Agaricales
Sarcomyxa serotina Green / Late Oyster Mycenaceae Agaricales
Scytinotus longinquus Sticky Oysterling Porotheleaceae Agaricales
Other white spored mushrooms growing on wood    
Flammulina velutipes Velvet Foot Physalacriaceae Agaricales
Armillaria ostoyae Dark Honey Mushrooms Physalacriaceae Agaricales
Neolentinus ponderosus Giant Sawtooth Gloeophyllaceae Gloeophyllales
Tricholomopsis rutilans  Plums-and-custard Tricholomataceae Agaricales
Pink Spored Gilled Mushrooms      
Clitopilus prunulus group Sweetbread mushroom Entolomataceae Agaricales
Entoloma medianox Midnight Pinkgill Entolomataceae Agaricales
Pluteus cervinus Deer Mushroom Entolomataceae Agaricales
Volvariella bombycina Silky Rosegill Entolomataceae Agaricales
Volvopluteus gloiocephalus Stubble Rosegill Entolomataceae Agaricales
Gilled Mushrooms with rusty brown spores    
Cortinarius caperatus Wrinkled Ringcap Cortinariaceae Agaricales
Cortinarius violaceus Purple Webcap Cortinariaceae Agaricales
Cortinarius ponderosus Ponderous Webcap Cortinariaceae Agaricales
Kuehneromyces mutabilis  Sheathed woodtuft Strophariaceae Agaricales
Galerina marginata Deadly Skullcap Hymenogastraceae Agaricales
Pholiotina rugosa Ringed Conecap Bolbitiaceae Agaricales
Inocybe spp. Fibercaps Inocybaceae Agaricales
Hebeloma spp. Poison Pie Hymenogastraceae Agaricales
Cold Dark Brown, Puple Brown & Black Spored    
    Cocolate Brown w. ring + free gills    
Agaricus "campestris" Meadow mushroom Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus "arvensis" / fissuratus Field  mushroom Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus augustus The Prince Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus silvicola gr. Wood mushroom Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus buckmacadooi Buck's Agaric Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus deardorffensis Flat-topped Agaric Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus xanthodermus Yellow Stinker Agaricaceae Agaricales
Agaricus hondensis Felt-ringed Mushroom Agaricaceae Agaricales
    Cold Dark Brown, Puple Brown & Black Spored    
Agrocybe praecox Spring Fieldcap Strophariaceae Agaricales
Hypholoma capnoides Conifer tuft Strophariaceae Agaricales
Hypholoma fasciculare Sulfur tuft Strophariaceae Agaricales
Candolleomyces candolleanus Pale Brittlestem Psathyrellaceae Agaricales
Stropharia ambigua Ambiguous Roundhead Strophariaceae Agaricales
Stropharia rugosoannulata Wine cap Strophariaceae Agaricales
Psilocybe cyanescens Wavy cap  Hymenogastraceae Agaricales
Psilocybe semilanceata  Liberty cap Hymenogastraceae Agaricales
Black Spored - mature caps liquefying      
Coprinus comatus Shaggy Mane Agaricaceae Agaricales
Coprinopsis atramentaria Inkcap Psathyrellaceae Agaricales
Coprinellus micaceus Mica cap Psathyrellaceae Agaricales
    Gilled Boletales - Smokey gray to Blackish (1 yellow brown), on ground   
Gomphidius oregonensis Blackening Slime Spike Gomphidiaceae Boletales
Chroogomphus tomentosus Woolly Pine Spike Gomphidiaceae Boletales
Chroogomphus vinicolor Wine Pine Spike Gomphidiaceae Boletales
Phylloporus arenicola Western Gilled Bolete Boletaceae Boletales

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